Phonemic Awareness
Exploring the Auditory Elements of Speech

Phonological awareness is considered the umbrella under which phonemic awareness is a part. Phonemic awareness is the ability to hear, identify, and manipulate individual sounds--phonemes--in spoken words. Children cannot attain full phonemic awareness without understanding that oral language consists of sentences, sentences consist of words, words consist of syllables, and syllables consist of sound chunks (e.g., onset/rime). Phonemic awareness represents a series of related tasks that vary in difficulty. It develops alongside a growing awareness of print concepts. There is no research base to support one phonological awareness continuum over another; in fact, it is not clear that phonemic awareness does develop in any specific order. ARI

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Teaching Phonemic Awareness with Recordings
Many phonemic awareness activities can be created by using your computer's recording function or a simple voice recorder.

To use your computer's recorder...
    1. Click start, all programs, accessories, and sound recorder.
    2. Plug in your microphone and click the red circle to record your phonemic awareness activity. You will have 60 seconds recording time. Be sure to pause between words.
    3. Click the square to stop recording
    4. Click file and save to save your activity.
    5. Students will click on the file to open it up and listen to and complete the phonemic awareness activity.
To use a voice recorder...
    1. Record and save your phonemic awareness activity to your voice recorder
    2. Connect your recorder to your computer with the cord
    3. With both the computer and voice recorder on, save your files from your recorder to your computer

Recording Activities

Phoneme Segmentation

    1. Record yourself saying words and separate the phonemes
    2. Have students write the correct phoneme for each word
    3. Phonemic Awareness Podcast (thanks AW at Tanner Williams Elementary)

Syllable Count
    1. Record yourself saying several words with multiple syllables and save your recording to your computer
    2. Have students clap or count the different syllables

    1. Optional-have the students record the number of syllables on a sheet of paper.
Thumbs Up for Rhyming Words

    1. Record yourself saying words that rhyme and words that do not rhyme.
    2. Rhyming Word Site
    3. Have students listen and give a thumbs up to the rhyming pair of words and a thumbs down to the words that do not rhyme

Teaching Sound Substitution

    1. Record yourself asking questions in this format... What rhymes with pig and begins with d?
    2. Save your recording and have students supply the missing word.

3. Optional-create a laminated handout with sentences and word cards
4. What rhymes with.doc, rhyming words.doc

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