Tech Tips for Tired Teachers
Technology Tips in Plain English that will Truly
Enrich your Classroom and Save your Valuable Time

Finding and Saving Pictures from the Web
  1. First create a folder on your Jump Drive to save your clip art treasures. (go to "My computer", removable disk, then right mouse click in an empty white space then click new and folder)
  2. Name your folder "clip art"
  3. Click here Awesome Clip Art or go to Free Teacher Clip Art
  4. Find some clip art you want to save
  5. right mouse click on it
  6. click save picture as and save it in your clip art folder
  7. find and save some more clip art
  8. More clip art or photo sites
  9. Kaboose
  10. Discovery
  11. Animated Clip Art
  12. Pics4Learning
  13. Free Photos
  14. The easiest way in the world to print
  15. Open your picture folder,click "print pictures" click next, check the ones you want and click next, choose your printer, click next, choose your size and print
  16. So what now? How about flash cards?
  17. Slide28.JPG
  18. Get some free PowerPoints at Pete's PowerPoints

Finding and Saving Sounds on the Web

  1. Create a folder on your jump drive and name it music files
  2. Option One- Do a Google search for free wav files
  3. Or... check this out Free Sounds
  4. Motown Music
  5. Oldies Rock
  6. Find a wav you want to save, right mouse click on the file name and click save target as
  7. Save it in your music folder

Efffective Web Searching (I am looking but I just can't find it)
Tips and Tricks

  1. Use + or - sign or the word and
  2. Use quotation marks
  3. Use Google advance search (pay attention to file type)

Web Search Practice (looking for PowerPoints)

  1. Go to Google Advanced Search
  2. Type in 2nd grade adjectives or a similar phrase
  3. Go to file type, click the drop down and choose PowerPoint
  4. Click Search
  5. On the Google results page click on a title, click open and view the PowerPoint
  6. Click the back button on the browser, click the title again and this time click save
  7. Make a folder and call it PowerPoints