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Technology Tools for Teaching Reading
What Happens When Web 2.0 Meets Reading 2.0?

Elizabeth Sessions
Technology in Motion
State of Alabama Department of Education
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Tech Tools for Teaching Reading is a series of in-services focusing on the effective integration of technology into the elementary reading and language arts curriculum and re-focuses the way we think about and teach literacy. This series of in-services will revolve around the use of technology to promote reading, writing, presenting, viewing, listening and speaking. All six modules in this series are correlated to the ARI strands of phonics, phonemic awareness, vocabulary, comprehension, and fluency. Many practical tips are offered here to help teachers embed technology in their reading curriculum.

What Happens When Web 2.0 Meets Reading 2.0 takes Tech Tools for Reading and puts a 2.0 twist to your reading curriculum. If you are interested in using all that the new read, write web offers then try out the 2.0 pages.

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