Comprehension is an active and purposeful process that leads to understanding and remembering what was read.
  • active – interacting with text; using experiences and knowledge of the world, knowledge of vocabulary and language structure, and knowledge of comprehension strategies to make sense of what is being read; recognizing problems when they occur and how to resolve them.
  • purposeful – having a reason for reading; reading to learn, to locate information, or for entertainment; adjusting rate of reading and mental effort accordingly
  • process - comprehension is not an absolute ability. Students’ abilities to comprehend text vary as texts vary. For example, the texts that students read differ in the demands presented by content, vocabulary, length, sentence patterns, text structures, and literary devices. ARI

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Comprehension Tips and Tricks
  1. A free comprehension assessment similar to Accelerated Reader can be found at Book Adventure
  2. Create a Tall Tale using Microsoft Word. Slide23.JPG
  3. Predicting Plot- go to Amazon, find a picture of the front of a book and use it to predict plot.
  4. Point of View-Use a graphic organizer to develop different points of view. Contentment.bmp
  5. Make Brochures at My Brochure Maker- a wonderful way to make any reading and writing activity look professional.
  6. Create Classroom Scrapbooks with your digital photos and have students write captions at My Album Maker
  7. Read Online Magazines Sports Illustrated for Kids National Geographic for Kids Time for Kids
  8. Main Idea Supporting Details Fish
  9. Make an online Venn Diagram
  10. Sort story elements with an online trashcan game
  11. Demonstrate Comprehension with a Fakebook page
  12. Author's Purpose Activities

Using PowerPoint to Demonstrate Comprehension
  1. Using Printed PowerPoints for Note Taking- Open up a PowerPoint, go to print, where it says "print what" click the drop down and click handouts, then choose 3 slides per page and you will have a graphic organizer for taking notes.
  2. Create a graphic organizer using a Google presentation and use any digital device to fill it out.
  3. Check out these graphic organizers made using a Google presentation Main Idea and Suporting Details Author's Purpose Compare and Contrast Word Sort
  4. Create a Google form for checking for understanding Comprehension Assessment
  5. Use PowerPoint templates to demonstrate knowledge Brainy Betty
  6. Comprehension PowerPoints at Petes' PowerPoints

  1. Best of the Net for Comprehension additional websites at Internet Resources
  2. Thousands of Newspapers on the Net
  3. Current Events with the New York Times
  4. Readquarium Comprehension
  7. MSNBC
  8. CNN
  9. Better Book Reports
  10. Fact Monster (awesome research skills)
  11. Internet Scavenger Hunts(reading for comprehension)
  12. Thousands of Online Newspapers
  13. Professor Garfield's Sleep Disorder Lab
  14. Professor Garfield's Comic Lab
  15. Reading Comprehension Sheets
  16. Elements of a Story