Reading fluency is the ability to read text easily, quickly, and with expression. It includes the following...

  • accurate and automatic word recognition,
  • grouping words into meaningful phrases,
  • expressive oral reading, and
  • comprehension (i.e., actively building and self regulating meaning).

Fluent reading is often quick paced, but not always. Fluent readers slow down and process challenging text more deliberately. They adjust their reading rates according to the purpose of the reading and the challenges posed by the text. ARI

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What are the advantages of recording students reading grade appropriate passages?
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How many students have actually heard themselves read? If you have never actually heard yourself read how can you improve your fluency?
Let's practice listening

Listen and Learn to Read by Recording
  1. Plug in your microphone and headset but do not put them on yet
  2. Go to this website but do not read it Cell Division
  3. Click on start, all programs, accessories, entertainment and then sound recorder
  4. Click the record button and record yourself saying "testing 123"
  5. Click the stop button and then the play button to listen to yourself
  6. Once you determine that the recorder works, go to file and new and do not save your changes
  7. Now read about cell division and record it
  8. Now listen to it, go to file and new and record yourself 3 times or until you are satisfied that you have read the passage correctly.
  9. Sound Recorder Handout

Multimedia Activities
  1. Photo Story 3 PhotoStory_3_in_the_Classroom.doc This program is a free download from Microsoft, is easier than PowerPoint and comes with it's own suite of music. It allows you to take pictures and music and create a video or video podcast.
  2. Microsoft Movie Maker Movie Maker 101.doc This program is also a free download from Microsoft and allows you to take pictures, video clips and music and create your own classroom videos and video podcasts.
Fluency Tips and Tricks
  1. Round Robin: Each student begins a story on his/her computer. After a few minutes, students rotate to the computer on their right and continue adding to each other’s stories. The teacher will print copies of the class story for students to read several times.
  2. Printing PowerPoints to read allows a PowerPoint to extend beyond the multimedia experience.
Best of the Net for Fluency (additional websites located at **Internet Resources**
  1. Songs for Fluency