Decoding the Written Word

Phonics instruction focuses on teaching the relationships between sounds (phonemes) and letters (graphemes). Effective phonics instruction helps students use these relationships to read and write words. It includes blending, segmenting, and manipulating tasks as students practice using the taught letter-sound correspondences in their reading and spelling, and also includes letter recognition activities as needed. ARI

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What kinds of writing activities do you do with your students and how could you use technology to improve reading and writing skills in your classroom?
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Make Books with Microsoft Word

Click here for instructions for making books
Make Books with Microsoft PowerPoint
Click here for Instructions for making PowerPoint Books


Excel an excellent option for teaching phonics for all grades
  1. Go to "All Programs", Microsoft Office, Microsoft Excel
  2. Lets try some simple Excel activities
  3. Type todays date in cell A1
  4. Type tomorrows date in cell A2
  5. Now highlight AI, A2, and A3 and see what happens
  6. Now lets try this
  7. Click sheet one at the bottom of the page
  8. In cell C4 type "an"
  9. In cell D4 type "at"
  10. In cell E4 type "ad"
  11. Now add some clip art to the top of each column
  12. Now what could your students do?
  13. phonics spreadsheet.xls
  14. prereading_clock.xls